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The Fundraising Institute is here to be your friend and partner as you raise money to solve amazing problems. We use art, science, and a wealth of academic knowledge to maximize practical fundraising. 

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So often we decide to fill in the gaps but The Fundraising Institute is here to provide a full scope and sequence to make every fundraiser talented across a wide variety of topics and specialties. 


You are not alone. With The Fundraising Institute you have a community of other talented professionals who are skilled but also looking for help. We learn from each other and share best practices. 


The academic knowledge base within fundraising changes every month with new research and findings. We use this as the backbone for our sessions and address current events as well. 


When you just need a crash course because you are starting a new role or you need to fill in skills in a hurry The Fundraising Institute offers high intensity skills training to help you get through your days. 

Total Package

If you want to be a true expert in fundraising as either an executive or direct support to an executive, The Fundraising Institute offers the full gamut of skills to cover anything you could possibly imagine. 

Invest in Yourself - Invest in Your Mission

When you join one of our live cohorts you are embraced by other experts trying to solve some of the biggest challenges in our communities.


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